Christopher Lewis, Harpsichordist | San Francisco Musicians Headshots

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He is a charmer. Christopher is a modern harpsichordist on a mission to bring this Middle Ages instrument into the 21st Century. He’s a champion of modern compositions for the harpsichord. Ok, I have to say it. He wants to be the Justin Bieber of harpsichordists.

I had a great time with Chris shooting at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. The first thing he told me was how petrified he was to be doing a photo shoot. But clearly, he had nothing to be afraid of. He looks pretty darn handsome, and I think I can even forgive him for wanting to be Justin Bieber. See for yourself!

Love his smile! I Think these are my favorites.

Do harpsichords and the conservatory remind you of someone else too? I first did a session with Susie Fong in this same space a little while back, and she gets the credit for bringing Christopher my way too. Check out her beautiful session here. The two of them have pretty different styles, but they both look amazing and I love them both!