Henry Chu


I seem to have let myself get backlogged with all my daily adventures! These images are from last week when actor Henry Chu came up from Los Angeles to do a second photo shoot with me. I met Henry over Thanksgiving dinner at Jon Lee’s; Henry’s one of the killers in Formosa Betrayed– Taiwanese American talent on the rise! Check the end of this post for more of Henry’s links.

On the agenda for this shoot: fitness and dance shots.
Location: North Beach (little Italy), San Francisco.
Highlight: krumping shirtless on the sidewalk as pedestrians passed by. haha.






Henry M. Chu’s website: www.henrymchu.com

You might remember our first photo shoot: don’t mess with henry.
Photos from the first session have been serving well as headshots, getting Henry booked for gigs such as this extremely dope Jadakiss video: Can’t Stop Me (check around 25 seconds for Henry’s closeup).

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