I just happened to have some free Southwest flights that were expiring, and I thought, why not visit Philadelphia? Really, that’s it. People were generally quite skeptical and reacted as if I were venturing into some sad, forsaken land. I gathered that Philadelphia does not have the best of reputations. Plus, it was the middle of winter. But not to worry, all of their anxieties were for naught, as I happily went anyway and quite liked Philly and my little jetsetting adventure there.

Below are a few snapshots from my explorations around the city, not including the grand cheesesteak tour I did with three other friends, in which we sampled four different cheesesteaks in one day. That will have to be a post of its own. My first full day of adventuring started at Reading Terminal Market, an indoor market with lots and lots of food.

DiNic’s famed sandwich, or should I say hoagie? It’s roast pork with provolone and broccoli rabe. Yes, broccoli rabe. It was delicious.


I stayed with my friend Talya in West Philly.

I walked back east, past Chinatown, when it started snowing. I didn’t capture any great snow photos, but yes, I chose one of the only snowy weekends to visit the East Coast. It didn’t really stick though.

And then I completed my touristy jaunt at the Liberty Bell…

and at Independence Hall.

Below, a couple scenes from Talya’s neighborhood in West Philadelphia, where she works with an amazing after school music program called Play On, Philly. That will have to be its own post too.

Thank you to everyone who entertained me in Philly! Talya, Stan, Amy, Tzuo Hann, Tedge, and I hope I didn’t miss anyone.