It’s Official: California!

ever since i spent that summer in berkeley doing my senior thesis, i have wanted to move out to the bay area.

well, two years later, here it is:

Dear Ms. Wu,

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that based on the qualifications demonstrated in your application and interview, you have been accepted into Oakland Teaching Fellows, a program of the Oakland Unified School District. You have been admitted to teach math. Assuming you meet all program and District hiring requirements by August 8, 2008, you will be guaranteed a teaching position for the 2008-2009 school year.

that’s right. oakland, here i come! otf is a teach-for-america-like program, but specific to oakland and lacking the two year constraint. by summer’s end, i will be teaching either middle or high school math in “inner city” oakland.

fun details:

i will likely be moving by june 12.
training starts june 23.
i will not be at TAF, yet again. =(
i will live with rebecca and her teach for america roomies.
i will be best friends with panda.

finally, if you are an ohioan wanting a photography session, i’d highly recommend scheduling that now. =)