Kristina & Peter’s Engagement | Sebastopol Engagement Photographer


There’s a huge obsession with everything “vintage” in the wedding world right now. Brides and blogs all over the place are carefully crafting their perfect illusions of this old, chic style. So imagine my amusement when I got to explore a whole place that was effortlessly vintage– not because we styled it that way, but because things had actually just been sitting there for as long as 50 or 60 years.

At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I pulled up at “The Farm” in Forestville, California. Kristina and Peter were just in town for the weekend, having flown up from Orange County. So when I went to meet them there, I thought maybe they got permission from their ceremony venue to do their engagement shoot there too. Chasey the dog greeted me at my car and walked me up to the front door, where Kristina welcomed me inside– crackling fireplace, beautiful wood furniture, and all. And then on top of everything, she explained that the place is actually owned by Peter’s grandparents. They all live down in Southern California now, but  the fruit trees and grape vines allow the property to pay for itself, year after year. I nearly melted from sheer delight.

Dream setting, dream couple. Kristina and Peter are the warmest people– kind hearted, laid back, and completely willing to trust me, even when I asked if they could possibly climb into the strange wooden cart next to the big green tractor. Needless to say, I had a wonderful time, and I can’t wait for their October wedding back on “The Farm.” Enjoy the photos below!kp_9559_rt













Farewell. Until next time!