Inspiration | Vulnerable

So often, vulnerability is a weakness we strive to overcome. But he recognized it as something more.

We were driving from Duke to the South Carolina shore in that blissful week between finals and the seniors’ graduation on to the real world. We had never really spoken before, but our conversation flowed as if we were old friends. Such is the spell of college. We talked effortlessly about love and life and hopes and fears. I still remember the scenery surrounding us in that small town tucked away in some corner of the Carolinas when he said this about seeking love in his life–

“I just really look forward to having someone I can be vulnerable with.”

It resonated deep in my soul. The desire to be vulnerable. The luxury of vulnerability. Bearing the gaping hole in your heart to let someone else hold it and fill it.

I’ve known vulnerability and suffered for it and gained immeasurably from it. And even now when I set out to photograph people I’m reminded of vulnerability, this feeling of holding someone else’s vulnerability in my hands, my heart. Couples put themselves in front of my camera, and they trust me to capture them, to share in who they are and to harbor them in my care. It still floors me every time.

Thank you to Sun and Elliot for an amazing session at Sutro Baths yesterday and to all the other amazing friends and clients who have swallowed your uncertainties and trusted me to capture you through my lens. Love.