And Now We Wait | Contax 645 | Shooting Film, Part 1 of 5

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And now we wait.

Yes, I shot film. Real, tangible, old school film. I’ve been seduced by film photography. I love everything about its look, the buttery softness of the highlights, the beautiful colors, porcelain skin tones… everything. So after attending Jonathan Canlas’ Film is Not Dead platform class at WPPI, I had a new resolve to get back into film. I purchased a Canon EOS3 which has since arrived, but before it did, I went ahead and tried out the legendary Contax 645. To be honest, I have no idea why everyone seems to love this particular camera with this particular lens (the Zeiss 80mm/2.0), but I figured I would see what all the hype was about. Sadly, no, the Contax 645 is not mine. I rented it from my favorite rental house in San Francisco, Pro Camera Rental last weekend for $50. I tried my hand at shooting four rolls of medium format (120mm) film. They were three rolls of Fujicolor 400H and one roll of Kodak’s new 100 Portra, which I got free from WPPI. As something of an experiment, I have shipped off three of the rolls to Richard Photo Lab (which seems to be the film lab of choice for photographers far and wide) and the fourth I dropped off just a mile away at Oscars Photo Lab.

And now we wait.

I will certainly post more when I get the results, whether they turn out or not! Anyone else adventuring (back) into film?

Edit: Part 2 of the “Shooting Film” series is now posted– with results!