Anny & John | Indian Rock & Berkeley Marina | Engagement Photography

They first met at summer camp in the Bay Area when Anny had just graduated from high school and John had been a long time counselor. Afterwards, they became friends and hung out a lot during Anny’s years at the University of California Berkeley, but it wasn’t until they parted ways, with Anny in optometry school in New York and John in medical school in Ohio– that they decided to try being more than friends. Perfect timing, right?

Four years of long distance later, they are now engaged and living happily together in New York!

We returned to Berkeley, the place where Anny and John really got to know each other, for their engagement session. First off, Indian Rock– a giant rock in the North Berkeley hills.

Lookin sassy. Love those green flats.

I love the little tree series. Anny & John sittin in a tree!

After a quick backseat outfit change, we were ready for part two at the Berkeley Marina.

That’s the San Francisco skyline off in the distance across the bay.

They took a little break lying on the hill. I know for sure that this was John’s favorite part of the shoot.

Hello gorgeous!

Whee! They hit this on the first try!

So much fun and climbing up and down things. Congrats Anny & John! Looking forward to your wedding next June!