Pretty by Julianne | Makeup Artist | Wedding Vendor Spotlight


Roughly once a month, I introduce one of my favorite vendors in the industry– completely unpaid, just out of sheer love of working with them.

This month, I am proud to feature makeup artist Julianne Chai of Pretty by Julianne. I simply love her style. When I need makeup for clients or even for myself, Julianne is always the first person I ask. She is great at crafting a subtle, beautiful, and timeless look, but the makeup always makes all the difference in the styling of a shoot. Without further ado, meet Julianne!

Pretty by Julianne
Makeup Artist
San Francisco, California

How did you get started?

I always loved putting makeup on my sisters and friends, even when I wasn’t very good at it. I was that girl who did everyone’s makeup when we went out and begged to practice on their faces when I wanted to try a new look. It wasn’t until my friends started getting married and they asked me to do their makeup that I started to take this hobby more seriously. When friends of friends and acquaintances started asking me for makeup, I was blown away. And really really flattered.

How would you describe your style?

Classic, elegant, chic, refined. Those are words that come to me, when I think about my makeup style. I do a lot of brides and I want them to look timeless. 20 years from now, I want my brides to look back on their makeup and hair and see that they were timelessly beautiful, that transcends above trend and style.
What sets you apart from the rest of the industry?

I like to think of my self as socially conscious makeup artist– that I’m leaving a smaller carbon footprint in this world, giving back to the community by volunteering, and also being relevant in the industry. I volunteer with organizations like Make A Wish Foundation and Freedom + Fashion. I also use a credit card swipe that gives a portion of its fees to selected charities. My makeup brands vary depending on what I love using at the moment, but I consciously choose makeup that is vegan and cruelty-free to animals.

Do you have any insider tips on makeup or for brides on their wedding day?

Give yourself a bit more time to get ready than you think you do. Something always comes up, and most brides run out of time. It’s so much better have more time to relax and enjoy the day rather than rushing off to the ceremony. If you’re doing your own makeup, don’t try anything new on your wedding day. You don’t want any surprises. If you try a new eyeliner, make sure to try it several times (and on several different days) before the wedding day. Make sure you use everything waterproof, just in case! Oh, and hiring a makeup artist is one of the most relaxing and calming things you can do yourself on your wedding day!! :-)

What is your single favorite thing about what you do?

Connecting with women. Particularly, brides and bridal party (friends, cousins, sisters, mothers, daughters). I love the energy, camaraderie, and bonding time during the wedding prep hours. It’s one of the most personal and intimate, and wonderful moments for the bride and I get to be right there. I feel like I’m one of the bridesmaids sometimes, getting nervous and excited for the bride… I love working with women to make them feel and look beautiful. It’s one of the best ego boosting roles, I swear!

What are you doing when you’re not busy working?

Read or listen to my audio books during long walks in my neighborhood. I also like to make my own soaps and trying new paleo recipes. Oh and I’m also addicted to Internet shopping should not be so easy!

Thank you Julianne for taking the time to chat with us. I look forward to many more collaborations in the future!

For more about Pretty by Julianne, visit her website. Tell her Anna sent you!

Anna Wu is a wedding a portrait photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area but available to travel worldwide! Follow her adventures on facebook or her website.