Black Diamond Alpacas

ALPACAS! Squee! I have this thing with alpacas. They are funny looking and wonderful, and ever since spotting some in New Zealand, I’ve been seeing them everywhere. (Or partly seeking them out everywhere.) When one of my clients told about Black Diamond Alpacas in Brentwood, about an hour east of Oakland, I knew I had to make a trip. I rounded up a group of friends, and we headed over on a Sunday morning. Mike and Donna were the most gracious hosts, and their alpacas were so friendly and adorable. It was everything I hoped and more. Enough talk. Here are the alpacas!


alpacas_106 alpacas_105

Oh my gosh. Their hairdos are the best.

alpacas_003 alpacas_005

The best part was right in the beginning when we walked up to the fence and all the alpacas eagerly greeted us! But I don’t have a photo of it, haha.

alpacas_010 alpacas_028

alpacas_024 alpacas_015

Black Diamond Alpacas, Brentwood, California





Sheer delight all around.


alpacas_053 alpacas_056

Mike and Donna were great at answering all our questions and introduced many of their alpacas by name and personality. They said raising alpacas was perfect, because they didn’t need to kill the animals in order to make money. Alpacas are primarily raised for their fur, which is so soft and wonderful to knit with!

alpacas_061 alpacas_069

alpacas_076 alpacas_082

They’re both eating the same hay.


These two got so relaxed that they sat down right next to us.



alpacas_097 alpacas_102

Our alpaca farm crew!


After the farm visit, we headed inside, where they sell the alpaca wool, which Donna hand dyes in batches.

alpacas_108 alpacas_109

So many colors! I bought two skeins to crochet my own little mini alpacas… You’ll see them at the end of this post.

alpacas_113 alpacas_112

After the alpaca farm, we stopped by Smith Family Farms nearby. I’ve gone peach picking here before. They didn’t have u-pick available when we went, but their farm stand was very well stocked with fruits and tomatoes galore.


alpacas_123 alpacas_120


Liz smelling fruit.

alpacas_122 alpacas_132

Yummy treats.

alpacas_131 alpacas_133


My haul. And after this, we headed to Walnut Creek for lunch and shaved ice. A perfect day!


Finally, here is the yarn I bought and the little alpacas I made! So much fun.

alpacas_152 alpacas_159



Thank you so much, Donna and Mike for having us over at your alpaca farm. I had entirely too much fun.

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