Whitney & Ryan | Brooklyn Bridge Proposal


I love a good secret mission, and this was one of the all-time best! Months ago, before he had a date, a ring, or a solid plan, Ryan asked if I might be willing to fly to New York to surprise my friend Whitney and capture his proposal to her. He had told her ever since they started dating that he would propose to her on the Brooklyn Bridge, so she might see the proposal coming from miles away, but she might not suspect that I would be there. The exact plans shifted quite a few times, but in the end we managed to squeeze in a date in December amidst the busiest winter season I’ve ever had, and I booked flights to NYC for me and Alex.

When the time came, Alex and I made our stealth flight to New York, and I continued posting on instagram as if I were still home in SF. The next day, having coordinated with Ryan and issued him a number of specific instructions, I walked out to the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge and watched and waited for them. It was a chilly but beautiful day, and tourists had returned to NYC in full force. The bridge was the most crowded I’ve ever seen it. But sure enough, Ryan brought Whitney to the middle of the bridge, and as he began his speech, it was as if the entire world and the crowds around them disappeared. Whitney might not have been surprised about the proposal (she later said she had known since 9:30am it was going to be that day), but the moment was no less special for it.

In tears, she said yes! And everyone cheered!

I had blended in with the crowd, and she didn’t even notice that someone had been taking photos the whole time.

Well, until now. Surprise!

This is her scolding me for being so sneaky.


Congratulations, Whitney & Ryan!

Afterwards, we walked down to the South Street Seaport area and Alex joined us for celebration drinks at the cutest little speakeasy bar, The Little Shop.

What an incredible honor to be able to capture this moment and to be a part of the surprise. Congratulations again!

Anna Wu is a wedding and portrait photographer based in San Francisco. She loves a good proposal. Contact her to inquire about your own proposal plans.