Bay Area | March, 2024


It’s time for our March recap! A month in which we had our second cookbook club;  a camping trip in Pinnacles; and a surprise getaway to Stinson Beach. But it all began with a rainy day trek to the Oakland Museum of California’s White Elephant Sale. I picked up this set of four candlestick holders.

And also this UMich Marching Band record (my second) and a full set of scalloped white plates.

Made a giant pot of veggie soup and then said hi and bye to Vince who’s back to his roadtripping nomad ways.

I convinced Courtney to come to an OrangeTheory class with me. It was great! Poke next door afterwards.

Trivia night with the Valntes. We did not win a prize. But it was fun anyway!

Specialty food shopping for Alex’s cookbook club contribution! First we went to Aedan for shio koji and then Olivier’s Butchery for pork collar steaks. See the rest of our Win Son cookbook club here.

Drinks at Polkcha…

and dinner at Sorella. A solid one-two sequence!

It’s fan fest time at Oracle Park! This was a three-part day. First, we got a sneak peek of the newly revamped Dugout Shop. Complete with snacks! Then, we ran a 5k fun run with the Giant Race folks, from Oracle Park to the Ferry Building and back.

Then we got to go roam around the field and the ballpark for fan fest.

Alex now owns a Mitch Haniger baseball. 

Our first time visiting the clubhouse! Including Alyssa Nakken’s own lounge — she’s the first female full-time MLB coach. 

This was also our first time up in the Press Box. I think we’ve been almost everywhere in this ballpark now!

Then we were going to go on this sea level rise tour around Mission Creek, but we bailed. Too much fun for one day.

Cupertino farmers market, and spring is in bloom!

Oh yeah, we decided to buy an Apple Vision Pro, haha.

Very amusing.

I made a bizarre virtual me.

Cassie treated me to a scalp spa… it was very nice… and interesting. They gave us funny before and after pictures of our scalps too.

Then it was Pi Day and mahjong time! We get together to practice speaking Mandarin and also play mahjong.

Leona’s Island X Book Club, virtual edition! So many folks joined in on this Saturday morning.

More mahjong! And a tart for the birthday boy.

Dinner with Alex; lunch with Rebecca.

Baby S at six months old! 

Jeri is the first person we’ve encountered who really did not enjoy the Apple Vision Pro demo, specifically when Alicia Keys got all up in her space.

Buster the doggo, and Alex the birthday boy!

After a weekend in Stinson, we were back in San Francisco in time for dinner and the symphony!

Ray Chen came out for one of his three encores wearing the Apple Vision Pro, hahaha. I was disappointed when he did not actually play violin while wearing it. He just talked about technology and music and his practice app for musicians.

Lunch with Vijay!

Haircut before & after. 

Baekjeong with Alex’s family

Book talk with Grace Loh Prasad about her memoir The Translator’s Daughter

Followed by some Taiwanese snacks and a brief visit with Baby S and her sprout hair…

Before we went out to the inaugural Bay FC home game in San Jose! This is our new pro women’s soccer team in the Bay.

The vibes were strong, the views were great, and the game was very exciting, even if we did lose in the end.

And finally, to close out the month, an Easter/birthday celebration over at the Yee Los. 

Jackson somehow had an entire garage filled with vinyl records, free for the taking. So we accidentally accumulated like 20 more records, after saying we really don’t need any more records this year. Thanks Jackson!

And thanks for feeding us all too, since we stayed so long after brunch that it turned into dinnertime.

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