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  • San Francisco Bay Area | October, 2017

  • I was in town for ten days of the tenth month this year! And in that time, I packed in some wonderful gatherings with friends, one last walking tour, and another craft day! We kick it off with a wonderful low-country boil at Cassie and Michael's place.Shrimp! Sausages! Corn! Love it all and ate [...]
  • San Francisco Bay Area | September, 2017

  • I was actually in town for the entire month of September! And I have the photos to show for it in this very packed post! Continuing previous themes, I went on a bunch of Oakland walking tours, held a craft day, attended a beautiful wedding ceremony, and checked out a bunch of museums and gardens. Le[...]
  • Melbourne, Australia

  • We've finally made it to the final stop of our whirlwind tour through New Zealand and Australia: Melbourne. Our stay was only two days long, but we all fell for the city in that short time. Melbourne and Sydney have a running rivalry much like LA vs. New York or maybe LA vs. SF. (And Melbourne would[...]