Another Look at New York

I am back in Oakland now. It’s a funny feeling to be in a plane for 6 hours and yet still have a whole day ahead of me; I departed at 9am and arrived before 1pm. Between reading Shawna Yang Ryan’s new book (Water Ghosts) and watching hours of DirectTV (thanks JetBlue!), I edited a couple more photos.


At a lounge, Vin 27, with Margaret, Davef, and Wil.


In the Bronx.


The beautiful subway station wall


Night after the rain.


Shadows by night

So here’s the conversation I’ve been replicating all week, eliciting these three questions:

1. So what have you been doing in New York?

A lot of walking, eating, spending too much money, I don’t know. Well, I’ve been to four of the five boroughs…

2. Which one did you not go to? Staten Island?


3. Wait, what were you doing in the Bronx?

Haha. Um, checking out Yankee Stadium?

Alright, New York was fun, but I’m glad to be gulping down fresh air back in the sunny 70s weather.

Stay tuned for upcoming overdue posts: singer-songwriters Cynthia Lin, Alice Tong, and Alanna Lin; actor Adam Wang; and my visit to Monterrey/Pacific Grove.