Recharging our solar panels


Let’s sit in the sun. Karthik leads the way and picks out a good spot. We had grabbed a couple dogs from Top Dog and headed to the well-manicured lawn on the edge of Berkeley’s campus. We eat and chat, catching up on each other’s lives– my after-school program and my photography; his long chain of travels from Durham to DC to Seattle to the Bay Area, and his upcoming move to Tanzania. Karthik is always off saving the world, bubbling with enthusiasm, dreaming up one big project after another, connecting people to one another to make these amazing ideas come to life.

I can’t believe it’s the end of November and it’s still like this, he gestures, indicating the ridiculous 70 degree and beautifully sunny weather. It’s true. We’re lying in the grass just chillin on a Tuesday afternoon. Enjoying good company. Soaking it in. Recharging our solar panels.


Later, alone back in my apartment, I glimpse out my wall-to-wall ceiling-to-ceiling windows, as I often do, and I think, as I often think, Wow. I live here.

Amazing. I’m thankful for these moments.