Austin to Boston


It’s been an amazing two weeks filled with travels, from last week in Austin, Texas to this week in New York and currently, Boston. I’ve spent almost no time in front of the computer, which is both great and terrifying (not checking email for two whole days!?), but at the moment, I’ve got my setup at a Harvard Square cafe, and I’m taking a second to blog a glimpse of these adventures.

First off, the crew (and friends, including Bruce Lee up above) in Austin snapping a photo to support the Census 2010 efforts. This photo was posted on AngryAsianMan (who happened to be in Austin with us that night) too! And if you haven’t already, fill out your census. Right now.


Later that night, heading to the ITASA afterparty, walking through the streets and alleyways of Austin. Jeremy looks rather zombie-like.


The next day, hanging out by the state capitol, with a million engagement & wedding photo shoots happening all around us.


Fast forward to yesterday in Boston, Massachusetts for Easter Sunday. We left Queens, NY at 5am to catch a bus up to Boston, just in time to attend an Easter service at King’s Chapel.


After church, a short walk brought us to the ye olde Union Oyster House. Ernie’s friend Issac played tourguide, telling us about its long history as the oldest restaurant in the US.


Last photo for now– I got to meet up with Shang Chen, a great photographer friend of mine whom I’ve known for a couple years, but never actually met before this day! She was nice enough to do a shoot with me and Ernie before we went out to dinner. Can’t wait to see the photos!


For the record: Austin, TX: Doubletree Hotel out in the middle of nowhere, Garrison Hall for ITASA, Ruby’s? Rudy’s? Texas BBQ, late-night TAorg meeting at fancy Starbucks, Early breakfast wakeup, Cynthia Lin at ITASA, TAorg meetings, banquet, bubble tea, 6th Street, afterparty, dim sum, Mozart’s on the water, some river park, walking around downtown/ State Capitol, G’Raj Mahal, Gourdough’s, Brazillian Tex Mex with Larry, Guadalupe St., Cornucopia.

Boston, MA: 630am Chinatown bus, meet up with Isaac, drive downtown, King’s Chapel, walk around Faneuil Hall, lunch at Union Oyster House, chillin at Boston Commons, walk around Cambridge/Harvard, meet up with Shang, walk across bridge to HBS, photo shoot with Ernie, dinner at 9 Tastes, T out to Quincy, stay with Karen & Davin, back to Cambridge at noon, lunch with Tony, $1 cone at J.P Licks, and here at cafe, about to head back to NYC to watch Duke at the championship! Whew!