DUKE DUKE! 2010 NCAA Champions

Yesterday, we boarded a 4pm bus from Boston to head back to New York. We were supposed to arrive back to the city by 8 or 9, with plenty of time to get to the sports bar and watch tip-off at 9:30. Unfortunately, halfway into the trip, with a big THUD, the bus had a flat, we pulled over in East Hartford, Connecticut, and we were stuck for three extra hours.

Not to worry. With a good dose of patience, we eventually got back on our way and arrived back in Chinatown. With a quick cab ride and a hearty amount of pushing into the overly crowded Village Pourhouse, we made it for the last 10 (game) minutes of the second half. So nervewracking and so completely worth it. GO DUUUUUKE!


Afterwards, Paul walked Ernie and me up to our subway stop, where we randomly ran into Lawrence Chen! DUKE DUKE!