Midwest Tour


Even before it hits, you can feel it coming on. It takes but one step from the plane onto the jetway for it to strike in full force. The humidity. The heat. It’s a giant cloud stifling you with its sticky, unsolicited embrace.

Welcome to Cincinnati.

To be honest, I kind of missed it. There’s no denying it feels like summer here. And besides, most of our time is actually spent indoors in air conditioned spaces, ducking from the heat.

That is, until I decided to drive in a 700+ mile loop in my 1995 Avalon… which has no air conditioning.


From Cincinnati, I drove to TAF in North Manchester, Indiana. With the windows down, it wasn’t unlike cruising around in a convertible past the cornfields. Beautiful red and white barns stood isolated against blue skies, white puffy clouds, and green fields.

The Manchester College campus at dusk:

Manchester College | Science Center | North Manchester, IN | taf_5259_rt

After a week in Indiana, I headed to Michigan, my original home state. There, I photographed a friend’s family at the beautiful Kirk in the Hills, a Gothic-style church in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan:

Kirk in the Hills | Michigan | tang_137_rt

And after a couple days of great hospitality, I drove back down through Ohio, spending much of my time stuck behind semi trucks on the two-lane I-75. Along the way, I stopped by the tiny town of Anna, Ohio to refuel:

Anna, Ohio | oh_0030_rt

So now I have two more days in Cincinnati, and then it’s back to San Francisco. But it’s been a lovely trip despite the weather and the ten mosquito bites I acquired in under 15 minutes. Til next time, Midwest!