December Photography Workshops!

I’m very excited to announce two new beginner photography workshops right here in San Francisco! December 5 and December 18.

Point & Shoot Class

On Saturday, December 5, 1-3pm, I am offering a very basic photography workshop for anyone with any camera. Learn tips the professionals use to create photographs and not just snapshots! We will be going over functions on your camera, and learning about composition and lighting. It will be a mix of lecture and hands-on experience, and hopefully, it’ll be a fun time for all!

Take better pictures no matter what camera you have. Even that iPhone or the little point and shoot you’ve had for 10 years.

Get great tips for photography when you’re on vacation, out with friends, at home with your family, or anywhere you might find yourself!

-Know the important buttons and modes on your camera.
-Get your pictures to look like photographs, not just snapshots.
-Explore the principles of composition.
-Start thinking about light– learn how to take photos without that ugly flash.

The workshop integrates both lecture and hands-on learning. You must bring a digital camera, but it can be one of any sort. Point and shoots are welcome!

Reserve your seat for the Point & Shoot Class today. Spaces are limited.

Photography Foundations

On Sunday, December 18, 1-3pm, I am offering the first of my DSLR workshops, geared towards photography enthusiasts who want a better technical understanding of photography. This is for beginners, and it will serve as the foundation for future classes. You’ll learn all the good stuff about exposure, aperture, shutter, depth of field, and so on.

Learn to make the most of your digital SLR! Build a foundational knowledge that will help you really understand your camera and take better photographs day to day.

Just some of the things you will learn to do:

  • Add exposure, aperture, shutter, depth of field, and all the technical terms to your vocab and understand how all these things work
  • Find your way around all the buttons and dials on your camera.
  • Ditch your flash and still get great photos indoors.
  • Get that great background blur look where the subject is in focus and everything else just fades away.
  • Sort out all those lenses on the market and get some great recommendations on investing in more gear!

This workshop is the first in a series of dSLR classes. Other dates and topics to be announced! You need no prior experience for this class, but the information in this class will be a prerequisite for the future classes!

Reserve your seat for the Photography Foundations class today. Spaces are limited.

Both classes are held at Strata at Mission Bay, close to AT&T Park. Interested? Know someone else who might be interested? View the workshop registration page for full descriptions and online registration for all available workshops. Contact me using the form above with any questions!