Fuji Instax 210 | Tomales Bay Oysters


It tastes like the ocean.

We nodded our heads as Margaret said it. We slurped the slimy little lumps from their shells, taking in a dollop of homemade cocktail sauce and an occasional bit of shell or sprinkling of sand with it. It’s a magical thing of cognitive dissonance to look at these unattractive little blobs and then eat them– and enjoy them. But we did. Margaret, Eric, Ho Chie, and sat on the blustery beach enjoying our 50 Tomales Bay oysters, savoring the taste of the ocean.

Thanks to Margaret for snapping the photo of the photos below. I took these with my favorite new toy– the Fuji Instax 210, a real, instant photograph camera (not an iPhone app) and an endlessly entertaining throwback to the Polaroid days. The photo comes out of the top of the camera, and you really get to sit there waiting for the image to magically appear.

I’m offering the Instax as an option for my wedding clients. They’re perfect as a DIY photobooth option for guests, so look out for more of these snapshots soon!