Bay Area Adventures | March, 2019


Let’s take a look back at March, even though it’s bittersweet because it’s filled with farewells to our friend Brianne! We kick it off with our Office of Accountability meeting, Bri’s last one before moving to Singapore.

Yifan came to visit from Portland– twice!

Here’s our celebration dinner after having our first-ever Amber Collective meeting!

I made us all grownup friendship bracelets with the yellow elastic bands we got for Amber Collective. These were all made with my kit from MyIntent! On each of the metal washers I imprinted each person’s word of the year: “embrace” for Do-Hee, “presence” for Courtney, “kindness” for Cassie, “community” for Bri (to bring with her to Singapore), and “connection” for me.

March also meant more family time with my mom and brother.

Yum, lobster!

We also had our monthly paint club meeting, this time at the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens. They had a little exhibit on about natural plant dyes.

I made beef noodle soup in my instant pot! And we brought it over to my aunt’s house for dinner after she got back from Taiwan as well.

Hm, I managed to only take this photo from Pamela’s birthday at Novella. Plus, lunch at Ippudo with Do-Hee after my shoot with Macy’s.

Flight Collective Coffee Break at Sphere, the new coworking space in downtown Oakland.

Hello front desk at Sphere! We’ve lost Carrie from our paint club but are very happy for her to have found this perfect fit of a job!

And then it was time for Ryan and Bri’s farewell party! Here’s Ryan saying some sincere things about their time in San Francisco.

An adorable photo wall. I especially love little Bri on the right! So cute.


Here are our Design Your Life ladies.

And our Office of Accountability ladies.

Devolving into shenanigans.

We are so sad to see you go! But excited for your new adventures in Singapore.

Then the Yaus came to visit! We met up at the Ferry Building for lunch at Cowgirl Creamery.

In the afternoon I met up with Whitney to visit And Then They Came For Me, a very well-curated photography exhibit on Japanese internment.

Having been an Asian American studies & documentary studies major in college, I’m probably more familiar with this time period and the fact that these photographs exist than most, but the exhibit raised new questions to me about, for instance, Dorothea Lange’s tendency to want to reveal the pain and suffering of her subjects, while Ansel Adams just made these lovely looking portraits that he claims shows the dignity of his subjects. (Yes, the Ansel Adams known for his Yosemite landscapes also photographed Japanese internment camps). However, underlying those choices are the fact that the US Government and the manager of these internment camps was the one paying for the images to be made so that they could show the public, hey, we aren’t treating these people badly! They’re doing great! So, who’s right amidst these politics of representation?

Stopping for Boba Guys on Divis and shopping in boutiques along the way.

Met back up with the Yaus, plus Brendan and Yu-Ting for dinner.

Paint Club field trip to BAMPFA!

This exhibit by Masako Miki was entirely too much fun.

Staircase at BAM / Staircase at San Francisco City Hall.

And then Yifan was back for round two, and I decided to test out my new hiking boots– I’ve never owned hiking boots before!

We went to Montara for a little hike in the hills.


Hey, these Columbia boots are pretty awesome, and they were $100 less than most other pairs I was considering. I took them on my trip to Iceland and Switzerland, and they held up the whole time. I even walked through a river and they were waterproof as promised.

And last but not least, another meetup with Whitney, this time with her boyfriend Ryan also! At Gregoire in Berkeley.

Gorgeous day for dining al fresco. And walking all the way over to Yi Fang for some fruit tea too.

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