Bay Area | April, 2022


April recap! The month started off in Los Alamos & Ojai. Here are some of the Ojai pixies that we brought back from the farmer’s market there.

Book club discussing Burnout by the Nagoski sisters.

Office of Accountability meeting in Steph’s back yard and remote!

Sunny day meetup with Do-Hee.

And scouting out a studio space for my 15th business anniversary party! It was perfect for our needs.

One of our favorites, Penny Roma.

Morning session at the Golden Gate Bridge, afternoon game at Oracle for the Giants’ opening day!

“Captain” Brandon Belt entering on a boat, Parachuters landing on the field and showing off their GoPro footage, SF VIPs in the stands, Black National Anthem, crab sandwiches, home runs, and a win!

A wonderful welcome back to the Giants.

A nod to last year’s season!

Back for another game. 

Got our Captain’s hats!

A lovely baby blessings session for my friend Talya.

And a bridesmaids’ meet and greet for Whitney.

Working on the Tiny Tiles quilt for Courtney! I finished the quilt top the month before, but then it was time to sew the whole sandwich together with the batting and the backing.

Color matching for a hand sewing thread to finish off the border.

Finishing it off! Tada!

Back at baseball again. Here with my dole whip from the Lumpia Company, even though it was very cold outside. We come prepared with sweatshirts, jackets, and a blanket.

North Beach/Chinatown wanderings with Alex.

Dinner at Rich Table, with a Reeve Winery crossover.

We discovered this very fun MLB “pass-port” book with stamps and stickers for every ballpark in the league. Perfect for Alex’s quest to visit all 30! I dilligently filled it all out like a fun baseball + arts and crafts crossover project. 

Bringing the completed quilt to Courtney & Jackson and baby Westy! 

While I was at a photo session, Alex texted me this picture of a mama cat and a whole litter of kittens in the back yard! Oh boy, this started a whole saga of trying to catch them all so we could get them all spayed/neutered and the kittens adopted.

I was lucky enough to get in contact with some cat rescue volunteers, who helped us to set a trap and catch mama cat first, late that night. We got her spayed first, and then tried to find the kittens the next day, but she must have moved them…

Here we are trying to find the kittens… with the volunteer even crawling around completely underneath the spider-filled deck… but we couldn’t find them!

So then the next part of the plan was to release mama cat back into the neighborhood, with an AirTag on her to track where she went. We set out more food, but all we fed that night was a possum.

Weekly check-in chats.

Then part two of my quilting project, since the first one turned out so gigantic I decided to make a second, mini quilt for Westy! This time I invested in a walking foot for the sewing machine, which helps prevent a multi-layered quilt from bunching up in the machine.

Paint club is back! And I decided on my next quilt project, a knitted one! More on that to come.

I also decided to buy this sale shirt for a future quilt, making a Giants t-shirt quilt out of old Giants shirts with a big Go Giants! on the back. So if you have any old SF Giants shirts lying around, or if you come across any in thrift shops, I need about 29 more for my project!

Pearl 6101

Bring an Alex to work day. Crissy Field, with a visit to the Ferry Building afterwards.

Following up on Alex’s birthday month… the final brewery of his brewery tour! Speakeasy in the Bayview. This time, with a whole group of friends!

Mini quilt under way.

Marking the quilting lines with pink disappearing ink. It vanishes over time with exposure to air. And skipping ahead to the completed quilt for baby Westy!

Back to kitten land! A week later, the volunteers were able to get all six kittens from our litter, plus a second mama cat and her litter of three kittens. Everyone is safe now, the mamas are fixed, and the babies are in foster care until they are old enough to be fixed and adopted.

So glad this saga had a happy ending. And so wonderful to hang out with these sweet babies!

Preparing for my fifteenth business anniversary party! I asked clients to order prints of their favorite images. Here’s the first one to come in, Courtney and her adorable little family, back when Westy was only two months old.

Got our first stamp for the stamp book! Now just to visit the other 14 ballparks. And below, Cassie’s girlfriends’ retreat!

Fireworks nights at the Giants! We lost horribly, but everyone persisted all the way until the end for the fireworks.

Another bring an Alex to work day! This time up at Mt. Tam, so we visited Hook Fish in Mill Valley beforehand.

Beautiful Mt. Tam, beautiful month.

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