Bay Area | June, 2022


June recap! Lots of Giants baseball, a Warriors championship, and weddings every weekend, including my last 2020-postponed wedding and a friend’s wedding in Tahoe.

We start it with an in-person Office of Accountability meeting! And a couple participants joining from afar.

Baby Westy is growing up so quickly. And Courtney hears some exciting news!

It’s our third anniversary for Alex and me! Celebratory dinner at the newly renovated Flour + Water, which was also celebrating their own 12-year anniversary.

Always so tasty. And love their little nod to our anniversary celebration– with locally sourced dates.

Post-dinner drinks at Trick Dog, which had been closed (open only for hot dogs) for the pandemic.

Alex walking me to work one day. Taiwanese Food from Liang’s Village in Cupertino another.

A farewell dinner for Josh & Do-Hee who have purchased a home and farm property in upstate New York. Excited for them but of course sad to have them leave us! But they made us their amazing homemade cioppino one last time, which I will never say no to.

Also homemade bread from Cassie & Michael.

My friend Tori from high school was in town for a brief visit while on her work trip. Plus, catching up with my friend Melanie at the DeYoung Museum’s Bouquets to Arts exhibit… but we failed to get a photo of us people. Just a snippet of Francis & Frances’ arrangement.

Lots of baseball! And lots of knitting! Dole whip from the Lumpia Company despite the cold. But I got new gloves to help with that!

Saying hello to Rusty.

Then we got to sit in the front of the arcade section at the Giants game– these are the seats where you get to hang the K signs for each strikeout we get.

The signs start off blank, facing the wall beneath us, and once our pitcher gets a strikeout we pick it up and flip it around to display the K!

Regular K for striking out swinging and backwards K for striking out looking. 

Meanwhile, Cassie was working on sewing her blanket. And we got crab sandwiches, of course.


Giants win! With a walk-off run, I presume. I already can’t remember.

Speaking of winning teams, we got to go to a couple playoff games for the Warriors at Chase Center. But this was a special viewing experience for the fans even though the team was away. A+, best use of $25. They still had all of the in-game entertainment, DJs, dancers, pyrotechnics like fire canons for the starting lineup, and of course, the atmosphere. And the Warriors won and we got confetti! Would definitely do this again. 

Immediately afterwards we headed down the street to the ballpark to watch the tail end of the Giants game from the free section outside. Brought our handheld radio so we could follow along. Also a win!

Ran into Alex’s college friends at the food truck park.

Book club!

More baseball, more knitting.

Virtual check-ins.

Partaking in the henna at Neera & Jeff’s wedding.

Meeting Buster the puppy! And bringing him his Giants bat and baseball. He’s named after Buster Posey, after all.

Peninsula catch-up with Alex’s high school friend. And alpaca sighting in Cupertino.

Warriors win the whole championship! We are all in for the parade!

Currys on the bus, Wiggins on the street.

Dinner with friends road tripping from LA! Including Berkeley the Corgi, back in Berkeley.

Girls’ brunch.

Museum date with Cassie to view the Guo Pei exhibit at the Legion of Honor. Super elaborate and inspiring.

Sunset views in San Francisco

Monthly videochats!

And finally, paint club at Lizzie’s house, with this beautiful monstera mug she made.

Bunny the cat and Pinto the dog having a staring contest.

Hooray! Happy June. On to the next!

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