Lakshmi & Jaxon | San Geronimo Wedding Ceremony

Lakshmi and Jaxon met in Denver, though they both hail from the San Francisco Bay Area. To meet Lakshmi is to be instantly won over by her, as Jaxon’s own friends will tell you. (We might like her more than you now, they confess). She is the warm-hearted doctor with a big laugh and he the earth-loving boy who works in climate change policy and will stop anywhere to look at flowers. Together they are out to make the world a better place and succeeding all the time.

Lakshmi and Jaxon were wed on an absolutely beautiful day in the foothills of Mt. Tamalpais, getting ready at his mother’s house and walking down the hill to his late grandmother’s home to be married. The back yard of this family estate has played host to all sorts of family events over decades and generations: weddings and celebrations of life alike. What a special place and a special day to celebrate this union.

An impromptu ‘first look’ as Lakshmi arrived to do her hair and makeup and Jaxon greeted her at the door.

Lakshmi’s mother and sister pitch in on the jewelry and the hair styling.

Jaxon’s mother checks in on the couple before the ceremony.

Such a beautiful home, and we got to say hello to the dog and goats too!

Then it was time to walk over to grandma’s house for the ceremony.

This gazebo has been the site of all sorts of family celebrations.

First, the couple had a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony.

Immediately after the Hindu ceremony, they transitioned into a secular, western ceremony officiated by a friend.

When Jaxon accidentally said he would ‘always’ wear his shoes inside the house instead of ‘never,’ oops! Haha.

They’re double married!

Then they sat at the bench at the top of the hill for a quiet moment together. The bench has a Kahlil Gibran quote on it, and their officiant had unknowingly also chosen a Kahlil Gibran poem to read in their ceremony. Beautiful little convergence.

They also add a little plaque for each family event held here. Theirs is officially up there now!

This was just part one of the wedding day. After an afternoon break, we all reconvened for a reception as well. Stay tuned for that in part two!

Wedding Vendors

Photography: Anna Wu Photography
Venue: Private Estate, San Geronimo, California
Henna: Henna Traditions
Florist: Bluma Farm
Catering: Carbon y Canela
Coordinator: Limelight Productions

Anna Wu is a wedding and portrait photographer based in San Francisco, California. She combines a “fine art” aesthetic with a photojournalistic approach to beautifully capture the moments of a wedding day. Follow her daily adventures on instagram and view more of her work at