Chicago | 60 Days of Jetting


It felt a little bit like Brooklyn or Queens, smack dab in the middle of the Midwest. It was a row of brick houses, some laced with ivy, all with charming, quirky character, and the streets were lined with trees and fences of infinite variations.

The neighborhood, tucked away at the edge of Wicker Park, was ‘developing’, or being developed– old houses being rebuilt into new condos. But it still had its charm about it, intermingled with the slightly grungy feel of the shops nearby.

Later that night, we headed out to get Polish food at a small restaurant, just as the sun was disappearing.

Most of my time spent in Chicago was with friends (thanks to Ming, Alex, and Eric for hosting and Mitha for having me over!), doing work on the computer, testing out our new steadicam gear for videography (more on that to be announced eventually!), and attending the WPPI conference up in Northbrook. It was a very low-key, relaxing trip, minus the few hours we spent stuck in traffic (many thanks to Steve for toughing it out).

Thanks, Chicago. I’m sure I’ll be back soon.