San Antonio | 60 Days of Jetting


Everything had been going so smoothly. At 6am, I was headed out for my last trip on JetBlue’s All You Can Jet. All my flights had been great far, and I just had this one last destination to Texas to visit my boyfriend who’s been in army training since May.

Of course, we totally jinxed it. On the way to the airport, my roommate and I were reminiscing and joking about Skybus, the discount airline that used to offer $15 flights out of Columbus, Ohio. It was great in theory, but very short-lived considering the huge holes in their business plan. Besides the obvious pricing issues, they didn’t have enough aircraft, so there would be huge delays every time one airplane had mechanical issues.

Sure enough, when I arrived at the airport, my perfectly planned JetBlue flight was delayed by 45 minutes due to mechanical issues, which eventually turned into 3 1/2 hours. By the time I arrived in Austin, Texas, it was rush hour, and I had to push through the stopped traffic so I could drive down to San Antonio where my boyfriend was anxiously awaiting my arrival. By the time I made it there, it was 8pm, I was over four hours late, and yet I was mostly just thankful to be there.

If San Antonio is anything, it’s Spanish-influenced, and military-influenced. The military people are fairly easy to spot. For instance, five guys casually walking around in a shopping mall together, eating all the food court samples. Or if there’s any doubt, the dog tag chains are always a dead giveaway.

Saturday night date night– we got all dressed up and went to The Fig Tree Restaurant on the Riverwalk. Ernie loves his pinot!

Amazing French food. Here’s the quail.

Sunday, sunrise over San Antonio:

I picked Ernie up from his fort at 7am, we drove in a lot of circles, ran some errands, and eventually headed back towards downtown to do the obligatory visit to the Alamo. It has surprisingly nice gardens, except for the mosquitoes.

And of course, you can’t visit Texas without having barbecue!

Finally, a shoutout to Hanna Huang for hosting me back in Austin. Til next time, Texas!