Cat & Dan | City Girl & Farm Boy | Buffalo, New York Engagement Photography

She was always a ┬ábit of a wild child, a party girl. He has always been a farm boy, born and raised in the small town of Eden, New York. But when they met back in college, somehow the pieces fit. He keeps her grounded; she keeps life interesting. And at the end of the day, they’re just laughing with each other like silly kids.

It was a big move when Cat left her job and her life in LA to live with Dan on his farm in Buffalo. But the city girl has found a home on the farm, and more importantly, she’s with the man she loves. Yes, it’s still crazy that Cat lives on a farm now. But it’s great to see how happy she is there with Dan!

We kicked off the engagement session at Ellicott Square in downtown Buffalo.

So gorgeous, Cat.

I love Cat’s laugh. She just couldn’t keep a straight face looking over at Dan.

Afterwards, we headed to Dan’s family farm. I wasn’t sure what to expect when Cat told me about shooting on the farm, but sure enough, it’s 500 acres of every type of vegetable imaginable. Corn, soybeans, peppers, cabbage, cucumbers, and I’m sure a ton more that I can’t even remember.

Maddox came along too. He’s huge, slobbery, and super friendly.

I absolutely love this running photo. It seems so fitting.

And for the grand finale, a baby pig. Cat loves pigs. Her excitement over this pig is only matched by Dan’s disdain for it– bad experiences raising pigs in 4H when he was growing up. But you know, Dan loves Cat, and so he went and borrowed this pig from a friend, just for her. True love.

Stinky, squeally, so worth it.

This photo cracks me up. I think Maddox wants a chunk of bacon.

And one last one in the soybeans.

Cat & Dan, thanks so much for hosting me over in Buffalo. I’m looking forward to partying with you all in February– Santa Monica!