Cheesesteak Adventure | Philadelphia, PA

I went to Philadelphia in the middle of February on a whim, and of course, of course I had to sample the famous Philly Cheesesteaks for myself. So with a motley crew of 3 of my awesome friends who had never met each other, we set off on our cheesesteak adventure.

Four cheesesteaks in one day.

First up, Tony Luke’s. This place was in South Philly, where people apparently park their cars in the median of busy streets like it’s completely normal. So of course we did that too for the full experience. Amy came prepared with a knife and everything– yes, we split the cheesesteaks so we didn’t have to each eat 4.

Stops two and three, the famous Pat’s & Geno’s across the street from each other.

Remember, it was winter. Outdoors it felt like a refrigerator with an industrial fan running. It did not make for a great dining experience. But on the plus side, there were absolutely no lines. Amy demonstrates quick cheesesteak eating below.

Our last stop, cheesesteak #4, was Jim’s, which was thankfully indoors.

There seemed to be some sort of mardi gras celebration passing by outside.

Tzuo Hann and Tedge waiting to get in.

And, our final cheesesteak of the day.

So, I’m sure you’re all wondering– which one’s the best??

Well, at the risk of creating an uproar from all Philadelphians… overall, I was not impressed. They’re each around $9! And it’s just cheese whiz. And shredded roast beef! I think it’s fine, it’s kind of a tourist trap, great. But I won’t really miss them much. (Sorry).

If you must know, I’d probably eat, in order, Tony Luke’s, Jim’s, Geno’s, and then Pat’s.

But it was a really fun adventure with my fellow winter cheesesteak eaters. Thanks Amy, Tzuo Hann, and Tedge!