Bay Area | December, 2021


The final month of 2021 was filled with gatherings. We kick it off with The Office of Accountability’s Friendsgiving, hosted by Cassie and Michael. Guest starring Baby Westy and these two wild pups, Daisy and Rusty.

Pass the baby!

Cassie has still not run out of Honeybaked Ham gift cards. Supplying our friendsgivings since 2017. Plus, Meg’s awesome turkey shaped cranberry sauce holder.

After dinner, it was time for secret santa gifts. Cassie was the clear winner with her giant adult-sized dockatot pillow from Courtney.

We are awesome. Rusty is not sure what to make of us.

Sunrise out at Crissy Field!

Still training for our 10k. Plus, my new Peak Designs sling arrived just in time for my stealth trip to NYC. It served me well on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Also arriving– my brand new MacBook Pro! To replace my 2013 laptop which served me very well but could no longer handle more than one Adobe program at a time.

Insert trip to NYC here, and then as soon as we came back it was time to go run our 10k race! Lo and behold it was colder in Walnut Creek than NYC. 30°. Very cold.

Westy is not sure about this weather either. But we all did it! Woohoo!

Afterwards, we made good use of our new running freebies and went to pick up a Christmas tree with our Santa and reindeer head gear.

And then wore it to this SF Giants photo opp event too, haha. Getting our race dollars’ worth!

Failed attempt at getting afternoon tea at Son & Garden. Turns out a regular res does not include tea… alas. We still got our instagram bait photos.

Whitney chat. And catching up with my friend Mark who was in town for the first time in years.

Dinner at Liholiho Yacht Club’s temporary spot in the Mission (at the former Dear Inga space).

Then it was back to gathering again! This time at Courtney and Jackson’s for hot pot. A farewell of sorts to Kayla, who has since moved away to Seattle!

Christmas Eve dinner hosted by Do-Hee and Josh. 

Do-Hee asked to borrow candleholders but I don’t own any, so I told her to make them out of sculpy. Nailed it.

The best at-home seafood dinner! Raw oysters, plus homemade cioppino, the best we’ve ever had. Would do again.

Merry Christmas Eve!

I discovered my new favorite cocktail when we stayed at the NoMad in Vegas and had the “En Maison” from their library/bar. So of course we bought the cocktail book and then sourced all of the obscure ingredients to then make batches of this cocktail all month. A+ still love it.

Christmas day, board games with Alex’s brother and cousin. And a rib roast dinner!

Reunited with Rebecca for the first time in a couple years!

And also the first TAF SF meal in a long time.

Plus, Whitney and Ryan were visiting SF after their engagement!

Riding our bikes around town and picking up my new notebook for 2022 from Shinola. They gave us a free Shinola cola too. Tastes basically like Mexican Coke.

And still on the same day, we headed down to San Jose for dinner and a Sharks game with Dan and Jeri!

With a quick jaunt around Christmas at the Park on our way to the game too. Jeri found a tree from her high school.

Thanks for lending me the whole Sharks outfit, Jeri!

And the Sharks win over the Flyers! In overtime!

Finally, on the very last day of the year, a lovely chat with Talya.

And that was it! Diving right in to 2022.

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