Jenny & Kevin | Second Anniversary | Los Angeles Portrait Photography

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Happy Anniversary, Jenny & Kevin! Today is the actual date that marks two years from their wedding.  I love that we have an annual tradition of doing a photoshoot together. It’s been so much fun celebrating their relationship over the years and flexing our creativity muscles so that no two shoots are ever the same. We always muse about possible themes and locations, and yet it always just comes together at the last second. This year, we went all fancy with the styling and chose Griffith Observatory and downtown Los Angeles as our spectacular backdrops.

Alicia Wu did a fantastic job with Jenny’s hair and makeup.

All of the styling was done by my friend Jon and me. Jenny’s dresses were rented through RentTheRunway, which we highly recommend! Almost all of Kevin’s outfit was from Zara.

A little outline of LA on the left!

We had Jenny do a quick outfit change, and the shoot transitioned into night glamour mode.

We finished the shoot over in downtown Los Angeles on our friend Erica’s roof deck.


Congratulations again, Jenny & Kevin! Much love to you both.

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To all my other couples, please let me know if you ever want to start your own tradition of doing wedding anniversary shoots! I absolutely love them, because they are such a great reminder and celebration of your love, even after the hoopla of the wedding. Plus, they are so much fun, and if you choose to start a family in the future, it only just grows and grows over the years!