Bay Area Adventures | June, 2019


It’s time to recap another month of adventures around California! With lots and lots of 360° photos along the way. Kicking it off with dinner at Pintoh in Oakland.

Heat wave! It was over 90 degrees for way too many days in San Francisco. I headed to Mission Dolores Park with Cassie and Michael (and 2000 of our closest friends) for a lovely picnic. We had piña coladas and Cassie introduced me to this cheese that tastes just like broccoli, which sounds terrible but is wonderful.

A little visit to West Coast Craft and saying hi to Hey Ma Goods!

Such a great study in elaborate booth design.

Heat wave continues. I met up with Do-Hee and we tried not to melt with no air conditioning before bailing to Whole Foods’ cafe (yes air conditioning). Then met up with Alex for dinner at Chez Maman (again no air conditioning). 98 is way too hot for San Francisco.

Alaska planning trip with Amy at her tech office. (Again with the air conditioning… seriously, it’s a big issue). But we got all our travels booked for our trip at the end of July!

Swan Oyster Depot.

Lester’s in town again! Dinner with TAFers in North Beach.

I love paella.

Happy Birthday Jeri! At District down in San Jose.

The three of us all showed up in blue collared shirts.

Next, a Berkeley day. With a lovely hike in Tilden.

Not the clearest day, but at least the heat wave left!

Board games at Victory Point Cafe.

Monthly paint date! This time at Lizzie’s house, where she’s fostering this smart and feisty cat.

Then I was down in South Bay for work, so I paid a visit to Rebecca and her family for dinner!

Next, a dessert date with my cousin at the brand new Meet Fresh in Oakland. And Cerf Club with Do-Hee and Alex before the SFMOMA Warhol party.

So many people. Do-Hee and I were both so surprised at the number of people in attendance for a SFMOMA members’ party. We’ve gone to SFMOMA events before when it seemed quite empty, but I guess they were members previews and not actually parties. So we were lazy and crowd averse and did not wait in line to see the main floor of Warhol exhibits. It’ll be there til September! We’ll be back!

Tops chairs! This was my third time seeing them. (OMCA, SMoCA). Still delightful.

Early Warhol.

Our inaugural Life Design Group meeting, not to be confused with my Lean In/Design Your Life Group. (Similar idea though, a group of women meeting and working on life together.) Thank you Pamela for hosting and organizing!

An afternoon in Outer Sunset: fish tacos from Hook Fish Co.

Stopping by 3 Fish Studios. I have one of their bear hugging California prints on my wall!

Case for Making.

General Store.

Then a Boba Guys stop, a Mission Dolores stop, and Toy Story 4 at Alamo Drafthouse.

Sunday: gardening day! Meet the baby yuzu plant. Hope it makes it and makes lots of delicious baby yuzus.

Books and Brews at Anchor Brewing, in support of the San Francisco Libraries. You know how much I love my libraries.

They were selling plenty of used books, all to benefit the library. And they had a little library-mobile too where you could check out books.

Then I reunited with Dan and Paul again, and we had a very summery dinner on Paul’s beautiful roof deck! And then we watched Us.

Brunch with Gemma, who was in town to visit Yosemite.

And then, a trip to the Alameda County Fair. Wednesday is definitely the way to go if you’re crowd-averse like me. I’m pretty happy with our food choices! Turkey leg and a bacon, cheese, + fries contraption. Plus Dole whip afterwards.

The indoor shopping areas blew my mind. Such random stuff. Like late night infomercials manifested in real life. Plus the DMV.

This very aggressive deer ate a hole in my shorts. (Not in a structurally important part, don’t worry). And we saw so so so many bunnies, which is funny/disconcerting after having just watched Us.

Of course I found an alpaca to hug.

Highlight of the fair: pig racing.

And last but not least, I spent the final Saturday of the month photographing a wedding down in Carmel Valley with my friend Meg, so I stayed over and explored the area on Sunday too. First, a very cute brunch with Mona, whom I haven’t seen in several years!

Gorgeous wildflowers at Garrapata in Carmel.

California coast. Never gets old.

The famous Bixby Bridge. But we went behind it for an off-roading drive through the woods.

It’s like hiking, but with none of the effort!

Just beware all the dust you will be coated in.

Next stop, Andrew Molera State Park.

A very empty beach. Lovely except for the high winds blasting sand at us.

And some final views from Big Sur back up to Monterey.

All capped off with dinner at Sea Harvest in Carmel.

That’s it for June! I will be gone for more than half of July, so stay tuned for a much slimmer Bay Area recap in another month or so!

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