San Luis Obispo & Mission La Purisima | California Coasting, Part 4


On day two of my California Coasting road trip, I awoke to the coast blanketed in fog. My first stop was Montaña De Oro Park which is often noted for its sand dunes and tide pools, but unable to find any trail maps and not having much time, I really just stopped by, said hello to the ocean and a couple surfers, and had to move on to my next stop.

The Madonna Inn is an outrageous looking hotel off the 101 in San Luis Obispo. I decided to stop there for breakfast, though my waitress was half awake and poured coffee in my water cup and then gave me the wrong order.

The place is over-the-top kitchy, which is at first endearing, and then the pepto bismol color everywhere really becomes a bit overwhelming. But still an interesting pit stop nontheless! If you ever stop by there, ask to see the hotel rooms which are all crazy and themed too.

My favorite beach stop on the Central Coast was Avila Beach, a family-friendly stretch of waters in San Luis Obispo Bay. I still had to wait it out a bit for the fog to clear, but napping on the beach is always a nice way to pass the time.

After a very nice, very cold dip in the ocean, I headed a little bit inland to a historic park, La Purisima Mission.

The mission is set up to mimic how it would have been since the 18th century, with a self sustaining farm and a whole slew of farm animals. Pigs, roosters, turkeys, sheep…

A bull with giant horns (who was quite friendly when we fed him greens from a nearby tree)

And my favorite was this cute donkey. The emu? I spotted that randomly on the side of the road at an emu & ostrich farm!

The California adventures continue next with a visit to the Danish town of Solvang and beloved Santa Barbara.

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