Quietly Uplifting | Pointe of View

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There’s something about this photograph that just speaks to my heart: the muted tones of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline; Lexi’s dynamic movement captured in this beautiful line, made still by the camera in this instant; that flock of birds perfectly scattered in the upper corner of the image. It’s quietly uplifting.

New York has been on my mind lately, as I am sure it has been for many others. I watched as the surreal images rolled in (including this very location buried under floodwaters) and then came the lovely stories of communities banding together and people offering random acts of kindness. A long recovery lies ahead, but the legendary tenacity of New Yorkers is already taking hold, whether quietly uplifting or boldly resilient. Many hugs to my friends along the East Coast– New York, New Jersey, and elsewhere affected by the storm.


She Sets the Birds to Flight

Ballerina: Lexi Harrington
Hair & Makeup: Jina, JAC Beauty
Location: Brooklyn, New York

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